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Welcome in a new way of Sonic The Hedgehog playing ! 

Eggman is sad...very sad...He decided to give up face to Sonic, the blue hedgehog protecting the fawn and which always managed successfully to destroy the scientist plans.

Right now, what about vacancies ? Eggman go away and have good time with no machines, no enemies, no nasty feelings, nothing but peace and harmony...

At the opposite side of the world, on Flicky Island, the Sonic Team is very worried about Amy Rose, the girlfriend of Sonic. 

She is disappeared since 2 years. She confess Sonic leaving alone the team in order to fight alone to stop Eggman plans about genetic manipulations.

 As she wanted to dstroy the main motherboard computer complex she passed, she was catched... 

But no one, even Eggman, knows where Amy is. Sonic was agree to deal with Eggman, but many events lt the blue hedgehog convincing Amy is deceased. 

The May 15, 2018; Eggman has him routine : he wakes up at am, breakfast, teethbrushing, shower... At 9pm, he goes out with his last ship he kept (used on first battles with Sonic), in order to go across blue sky and feeling well by breathing fresh morning grass odour (... crazy not Eggman !?). 

But this day, to be honnest, is a fatal day.

 The ship of Eggman drive begin to be out of order, but more over : bewitched

Eggman crash and vanish... Few hours later, the scientist wake up and discover he is prisonner in a big mansion. He explore all the area, and discover many caves and tunnels. 

Next, he see a strange door with a stone plank which was engraved on the portrait of Medusa, a gorgot (Chimera) which comes from Greek Mythology. Eggman next is ctached by a big creature telling being a member of Medusa fatality army. 

This creature brings Eggman on a flying balloon with few hardware, in fact nothing to go fast. Eggman sit down and was bored feeling the travel he was obliged to do was very long ...  Finally, Eggman was involved to enter in a tunnel and the guy is right now very happy, but he can not imagine what will will happen next ! 

Eggman meet Medusa herselve, and this creature was not gentle at all. Medusa give so an order to Eggman : find and bring to her 7 artifacts : the Hortruxes

But Eggman refused.

 So, Medusa promise to give all her empire and magic abilities to dominate the world to the scientist if he manage succesfully, else Eggman will be on a journey for one month in different castles where he will be tortured and mutilated ! 

Eggman was not obliged to deal, but he do it. He sign a contract with Medusa.

 But this last one was not at this time a good friend of Medusa, of course ! But he tell her using Sonic to catch those artifacts. 

"My job will be was the same as before", 

"Sonic will be my mecanic remoted toy car!"...

 Eggman wants Sonic to come until meeting Medusa with the hortruxes and to force Sonic, Eggman go away to flicky island, in order to be very careful while he will find a way to let Sonic Team Amy is somewhere and alive... 

The adventure begin!


  1. Download the ZIP file
  2. Unzip the file into folder (SATH0)
  3. Launch the setup 
  4. The game will be installed.

OK, right now, the first time you play the game, some stuffs are configured. You have to launch the game a second time. 

Enjoy !

Please, go to : http://sonic.hortruxes.free.fr and share the page Sonic ATH on Facebook. You can donate for further development of huge levels (more than 140 !!)

Release date Aug 30, 2018
AuthorVipes - Virtual Pixel Studios
GenreAdventure, Platformer
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsBoss battle, Runner
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer

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